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Saporito Finishing located in Chicago, Illinois

Saporito Finishing Company, your single source for metal finishing requirements for aluminum and magnesium anodizing, metal plating, and other metal finishing services. We are equipped to handle a variety of other specific metal finishing requirements, including NH35 for Magnesium, Hardcoat Anodize, and Sulfuric Anodizing.

Saporito Finishing Company offers invaluable consulting services to better meet the needs of our clients. Our clients represent some of the Midwest's most respected industrial companies, and come to Saporito from throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Our 135,000 square foot finishing facility includes a metal finishing processing area, supplemented by a full service chemical laboratory. Rest assured, our strict quality control testing procedures will insure your parts have a superior finish. Our metal plating, anodizing, tumbling, and deburring processes are in accordance with dozens of industry and military specs.

For further information about how our wide range of finishes, including anodizing, plating, other metal finishing processes or consulting services can help improve your next project, contact us or request a quote (you can upload a schematic).

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Effective July 1st, 2015, Jeff Logan will become president of the company.
The new Federal Firearms License will allow Saporito to anodize and hardcoat firearm parts that require an FFL to produce.
Several Saporito Finishing employees were on hand September 18th in Chicago's Loop for the unveiling of the World's Largest Film camera
Case Studies
The search for a High Performance Trivalent Yellow Chromate
Trivalent chromate performance has been a hurdle for both chemical vendors and metal finishers as well.

Zinc Trivalent Chromate Sealer Salt Spray Test
Saporito tests their Saporito Finishings high-corrosion resistant chromate sealer with a Salt Spray Test. Five hundred pieces of customer hardware were barrel plated and chromated and tested.

PRI - ISO 9001:2000Nadcap Accredited